Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The adventures of being a PAC Mom!

I think most people know how much I couldn't wait to join the PAC when James started school. I liked the PAC FB page over a year before he started school and couldn't wait to get involved. I sat through all the meetings last year and was gung ho to help out the best I could, while still working of course. I was lucky to be kind of 3/4 time at work so I had some extra hours and loved helping out where I could. Towards the end of last school year I was asked to join the executive of the PAC as the treasurer and I have enjoyed the new challenge and have found myself busier than I even knew I could be and still getting everything done!

I had hoped that this year I could help co-plan an awesome Winter Carnival at the school...and then I got pregnant...and wasn't sleeping well...and time just ran out so the carnival was a no-go for this year. morning when I was laying awake at 4am and I started thinking about an idea that had been thrown around at a PAC meeting a few months before. I remember being in middle school and being able to buy Candy Grams for your friends for Valentine's Day. And so the idea to create Christmas Candy Gram gift bags was formulated...and all before 5am in the morning!

I took my ideas to the PAC and they told me to run with it, so I came up with a letter and basic order form then sent them to Kelly to make them pretty and that she did. Here is the ad that she created too. I really hope that lots of parents participate by even just ordering one for their own kids...but by donating a few extra dollars we may reach our goal of every child at the school getting one!

The absolute highlight so far for me was when James came home with the letter and form from school and was so excited to show it to me. And the best part was the absolute shining pride on his face and in his voice when he showed me that he had circled my name at the bottom of the letter. He loves that I'm involved with stuff at his school (I know most kids wouldn't even notice or care) and for that very simple reason I will continue to be involved as much as I possibly can! 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Kindergarten Scrapbook and Memories

This post probably should have been done months ago, but it just wasn't so I'm doing it now. I'm finally getting to the massive pile of artwork from kindergarten and now grade 1, as well as the stuff Jordie has brought home from Busy Bee's since September. I got the idea to make the scrapbooks from Brenda as she asked me to take on the task for James and his classmates for the artwork that she kept and displayed in the classroom. The other stuff she sent home with the kids, and I kept a lot of it, so yesterday I sorted it and put it in the back of the scrapbook I had already done for him back in June with the other kindie kids.

Here are the photos I took of the completed pages!

Funny story about this picture. I couldn't glue it into the book because there is an awesome picture on the back and I couldn't bear to lose it forever, so I also decided to share the story here! See this is our family here, with Jim, me, James and Jordie and I believe the Earth above us. 

And this right here...this is the Parkin family! first I thought someone was missing, and then he informed me that no Baby Gracie is Jen's arms! hahahahahaha. And you can't forget Ruby the dog in there too! I seriously love this picture so much!

Supposed to be tulips but the picture wasn't finished so it just looks like some weird little blobs!

I love this very simple Canada one!

Mrs. Butula gave this picture to James cause she loved it so much.

Class photo....where else do you keep these kinds of things?!?!

I was in the class helping out this morning but was sad when Mrs. B needed me to help another table of kids and I didn't get to do it with James. Was a bummer, but I was there to help out, so I did!

Very proud moment when he was selected as a Reading Hero. Mrs. Butula said it was because he could read all of his classmates names and was always her helper when it came time to read the names on the Special Helper list.

I get the feeling this was maybe done with his big buddy because that picture looks nothing like anything James has ever drawn (or colored for that matter!)

See this is his leprechaun. The other one had to have been his buddies!

Now here are some photos from his year in Kindergarten! Starting with his first day of school photos, one at our front door and one outside his classroom door too.

And now for a couple more of his first week. His first day in a booster seat in our van!

 This was a very sweet gift that Mrs. Butula gave to all of the parents on the first day of school.

Thanksgiving Turkey hat

Jordie had to try it on too of course

A random picture that now almost a year later he told me to get rid of because "that looks nothing like a baseball field!" hahahahaha...his drawing has improved a ton since then! 

Walking to school

One of his and Katelyn's many after school play dates

His art project on display

Terry Fox Run warm ups

Random class room snaps

Heading to the Outdoor Learning Centre (which I didn't get to go to either time in the year that they went) These photos were from Danyelle

A VERY wet walk to Mrs. Butula's house near Nana and Papa's to pick up the classes huge pumpkin. Walking with the buddy classes. The walk took so long that N&P walked back with the class while I drove Nana's car to work!

Here is the wet group upon their arrival back to the school

 James with the pumpkin

And Jaxon

And of course Jordie had to have a turn too!

Playing outside after school

Scooping the guts out of the pumpkin with Mrs. Agius

The finished pumpkin that we took to Kirk's house for his family to enjoy. Kirk had broken his leg and James really wanted to make sure his little buddy was okay!

Jaxon with a show & tell item

Some Halloween art

James's turn to be Special Helper of the Day

And his Show & Tell day too!

Some random day that Jordie thought he should stay in the classroom with the big kids

Birthday card for Katie 

James doing his 3 little bears puppet show for us in with the soccer ball at school today. I would say his glasses got a little bent in the incident. Straight off to Rhonda's we went! 

Christmas decorations we made for the craft fair (although I think these ones we just kept for our own tree) 

But these ones we did take to sell

Pushing his buddy Kirk back to class

A random awesome family portrait that he did

Kindergarten school photos 

Walking home with the Tassells 

Christmas buddy skating  

Christmas party

Christmas concert  

More party photos

Pancake breakfast and PJ day for the last day of school before Christmas break 

Afternoon cookie decorating with the big buddy class 

Random morning in January

And recess time soccer playing 

Nana & MaryLynne came to walk James to school one day when Jordie and Mommy were home sick 

Awesome huge Aero bar that Margo bought him cause he had been a great boy at school. 

Erin brought in her stand up bass and played for us...and let the kids each take a turn too! 

A beautiful sunny January afternoon play date with Katelyn 

Recognition assembly where James got his Reading Hero award

Chinese Lunar celebration

Jinga Kids wellness day

Movie night

Making Rice Krispie treats to give his classmates (they didn't turn out so the kids just got the boxes of Smarties instead)

 Working hard at putting his name on all of them!

Valentine's Day at school 

His stash from his classmates

His vest for the 100 days celebration (which he actually missed cause he woke up sick the next morning)

Another sunny afternoon spent with Katelyn

Random hug for Quynn one morning

Showing us his counting and writing during his Student Led conference

Pro-D day play date with Quynn 

Playing before school

Taking a picture for their birthday party invite

A sunny morning walk to school

Being funny

Caught this moment one day when I stopped to say hi at lunch. Just hanging out reading books together

Family reading morning

All randomly matching one afternoon in April

Another family reading morning...this time we got the comfy reading cube! 

I loved this family portrait under the rainbow right beside the pot of gold. A favorite photo for sure!

An after school photo of James and the Parkin boys!

Class field trip that Daddy went on while Mommy worked

Random morning at school in June

Making smashed potatoes with Mrs. Agius. They grew these potatoes in the school's garden!

Class field trip that we went on to Willingdon Beach and for a hike in the trails across the road from there. It was fun but a long walk for Jordie boy! 

Fun Day highlights - I missed most of it because I was helping in the concession, but it was fun what I did see. 

Mrs. Butula's last day of school for the year.

Watching the video that we made for her

And finally...James's last day of Kindergarten!

His portrait of Mrs. Butula for their group present to her.

WHEW...A long post that was months in the making. Now I'm done with the Kindergarten blog label on here until September 2018 when Jordie starts there!