Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another funny quote

Last night when I went to put James to bed I asked him "who is your favorite girl in the whole world?" fully hoping and expecting him to say "you, Mommy". But if you all know James, you know that is not what he said. Instead his reply was

"I love all everybody in the whole world....well except for the mom's of my school friends"

hahahahahaha....another good one by James Barrows! I love this kid. Such love and honesty from him!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Double J Photos – Week 20 – May 11 - 17

After months off but so many photos to look through I'm going to start with pictures of the boys together!

Now onto my big guy James! It's much harder to get photos of him these days as he's just always on the go!

And finally it's Jordie!

2014 Double J Photo Project
"Watching my boys grow up right in front of my eyes"

First he breaks my heart, then he fills it up with even more love!

James has this ability to be super insulting/funny without intending to be and then on the flip side to be so sweet and loving that it just warms my heart.

One of our conversations from yesterday went something like this:
(Me singing along to the radio)
"MOM, can you please stop singing"
"But why James?"
"Because I don't like people singing in minivans"

hahahahaha...okay kid! He said it again an hour later when we were back in the van and I started to sing again, but this time when I asked him why he didn't like people singing in minivans he told me "I can't tell you mom, that's really a secret!"

This kid cracks me up!

Now on the flip side he also is a very sweet and kind little boy. Two of the nicest comments I he said to me yesterday were:

"Mom, your hair is the prettiest today"
"You are a very good mommy"

I couldn't ask for any more than that! When I look at him I figure I must be doing something right in this world to have created and to be raising such a happy, funny and loving little guy.

I love you so much Mr. James Barrows!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Preschool Art – June

Our last edition of Preschool Art! I loved this whole series of posts and am so happy that I stuck to it so now I don't feel guilty that I threw out or recycled about 95% of everything that he brought him with him...but these pictures mean that I will always have these memories!

First up and most importantly was the awesome Father's Day gift that the kids made for their dads. Unfortunately ours had to sit for a few weeks till we saw Daddy again but he took it with him up to 
Fort McMurray and tonight he had to take pictures of the stuff so I could finish off this final preschool post :)

So here it is:

I love that the teachers are thoughtful in the poems they choose as gifts. I love both the Mothers and Fathers day poems and am thankful to be able to always look back at these posts to see the great stuff he brought home.

Now onto the other artwork he brought home in the month.

Parent Appreciation Day at Busy Bee's Preschool!

My big guy on his last day of his first year of Preschool. 

A little comparison shot of then and now. He grew so much in such a short period of time. Look at how much higher on the door he is now!

The little concert they put on was so cute! Some of the songs I had heard him sing but a lot I hadn't. Check out the videos below if you want to see some little kid singing cuteness.

MY FAVORITE: The button factory song

I have videos of him singing this song throughout the year. It was another favorite of mine.

Although he isn't technically graduating this year as he has one more year of preschool, this song is 
still really cute.

This ones a big longer, it's called the 3 little bears rap

He got chosen to do part of the calendar task and he was so happy and proud.

Cute little Ms. Katelyn Doxsee

A new favorite picture of James and me

And a great one of us with Nana too!

His smile is so awkward since he got his glasses, but still super cute anyways

I love this picture of James and his little girlfriend Rebekah. For almost the whole year I got the running commentary on what she had for snack, who she sat with, etc. He was so in love with her it was so cute to see actually.

Katie started at the preschool in early April and on her first day she got the invite for James's birthday party. Her Mom brought her and her and James hit it off right away. One day I went to pick him up and Janet told me they had had to separate them on the bench outside during playtime because he had his arm around here and they were kissing each other on the cheeks apparently. 

Speaking of kisses on the cheek, here he is with Laura

Another good picture

After James left with my mom I went back in to take a few pictures of other kids for their moms. This is little Alivia Gurney, another school friend favorite of James's

And again it's Katelyn!

I've took her first day of school photos so of course had to take the end of year photo too!

Katelyn and her mom Alysha

I love this picture of these two! 

Now onto the awesome present that the teachers put together for the parents. Everything you see below was in a bag with his name on it. What a thoughtful and kind gesture on their part to do this for all of the parents.
Couldn't say enough great things about Laura and Janet at Busy Bee's! They are certainly well thought of and the classes fill up quickly...if you can believe it, Jordan's class for 2 years from now is already full, glad I signed him up when I did! :)