Sunday, March 30, 2014

Double J Photos – Week 13 – Mar 23 - 29

Starting off with the boys together photos, but I realized this week that the only photos of them together are with other people.

J&J with our student Melissa. We have just one more month with her before she sadly leaves us to go back to France.

Very quick photo with Daddy just before he rushed out the door to the airport.

Jordie's first time trying a cupcake with chocolate frosting!

His big brown eyes just get me every time!

I loved this outfit that Tana sent for Jordie, and so sad that it doesn't fit him anymore. This day I realized the legs were half way up his calves, definitely time to move to the mountain of too small clothes!

A couple of pre-glasses photos of James.

Definitely a favorite random non-cheesy candid pre-glasses photo of James.

 He is just too stinking cute with these glasses!

I realized I have to learn how to take good pictures of him without the flash glare. It's a good thing I'm learning how to use the manual mode of my camera and hopefully won't need to use the flash nearly as often!

 2014 Double J Photo Project
"Watching my boys grow up right in front of my eyes"

Friday, March 28, 2014

Jordan’s Monthly Photos with Harris

Happy 10 Months Jordie Boy!

10 months already and it feels like I just wrote up your 8-9 month summary....oh yeah, I was late on that one so I did just write it! Oh well, here's to 9-10 months!

This month saw you teething like crazy and finally getting your first two teeth! Your first was on the bottom right and was followed 2 weeks later by the bottom left. You are pretty easy teether and just really like to chew on things, even if you are a tad bit crankier than your normal easy going self.

Out of pure convenience to Mommy's incredibly sore back your next milestone was reached. James and I taught you how to crawl up the stairs to save my back from even more strain than it already gets from carrying your 26 lb body everywhere! Within just 1 week you were a total pro and now we have to watch you very carefully or you will rocket up those stairs so fast and are still so tippy and can't be trusted at all anywhere near them. We are an anti-safety-gate family so when I need a few minutes to get something done you are put either in playpen (aka baby jail) or given a snack in your high chair. You don't mind either but I swear if you could you would eat non-stop all day! You are most happy in the play pen when your brother is in the room with you, and love it even more when he puts his face up to the mesh and makes you giggle.

This month you have started to attempt to drink out of a cup but you just end up making a huge mess. We are slowly getting you to drink out of a sippy cup but you still definitely prefer your bottle over anything else. You have started to like to tip it upside down though and make a horrible mess so every time you tip it I instantly take it away from you which makes you cry. Then I transfer the formula to a sippy cup and you suffer through with it. I had hoped this would teach you to stop tipping it but apparently that is not the case quite yet!

This month you have enjoyed some fun activities like swimming with Mommy, James and our student Melissa, watching James play hockey at Nana & Papa's, and visits with the Slacks and Tassells,

This month saw us staying at Nana & Papa's house while they were away as well as when Mommy's back was hurt so bad that I couldn't take care of you and your brother without some help. We moved in with them and N&P took such great care of you while I was unable to. Those two sure love you and your brother a ton!

This month you have figured out how to clap (although I've only seen it once or twice) and how to give high fives when asked for one. We've been trying to get you to do SO BIG with your arms when asked how big Jordan is but you just look at us like we are crazy and either stare blankly at us or give us a huge smile as if to say "I know what you want me to do but I'd just prefer to sit here instead."

During Daddy's days off this month we made a quick trip over to Comox for you and James to have appointments with the ophthalmologist over there. We were concerned about your eyes as well as your brothers. In your case everything is okay and we've been told to have you rechecked at age 3. In James's case he ended up having to get glasses, which of course you just want to rip off his face every time he's anywhere near you!

On the day you turned 10 months your Daddy took you for your first hike in the backpack. Daddy took you and James, along with Sean, Maddie and Jaxon Tassell, up to the top of Valentine Mountain while Mommy enjoyed a few quiet hours at home by herself. It was absolutely wonderful and Daddy said you were such a good little guy, you even fell asleep on the way back down the mountain. After your hike you got to go to Putters for ice cream!

Overall it was a really great month in your world. Your growth has slowed down and although we didn't have you weighed at all this month we are pretty sure you are still right around the 26 lb mark. It is nice to see you starting to look like other babies your age again. Your birthday is just 2 short months away and with it will bring Mommy's return to work and a whole new world for you away from me and your big brother. I think you will do just great and will hopefully be just as social as your brother was and adjust to life with the sitter as well as he did.

We love you so very much Jordie Boy and look forward to what the next month will bring. I really hope it does not include walking yet, we are just not ready for that milestone.

He started out so little and with so little hair!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I was wrong...he was able to get even cuter!!

James's glasses came today and oh my goodness is he ever adorable in them! He looks older and more grown up in them and seriously so handsome. He put them on and then wanted to show and tell everyone about them. He also insisted on carrying around his glasses case with him to show that off too. It's a really cool case that looks like a soccer ball so he was in heaven.

Below is the video I took of him putting them on at the optometrists office for the first time. If you are at all a fan of the Mighty Ducks movies you will understand what he is talking about to the lady there :)

And of course you had to know there would be photos taken of this momentous day too! Here they are too.

Such a big guy now with his new glasses!

Then we were off to Putters to get some ice cream!

Then of course off to Nana & Papa's to play some driveway hockey

hahahahaha...I told him to show me his grumpy face!

And a few more cute ones before bed!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This boy really loves his Daddy....can you tell?

James came into our room and "just wanted some snuggles with his Daddy." 

Less than a minute after he crawled in beside him Jimmy was sound asleep too. The cutest part is that that was the night that he asked his Daddy if he could sleep without a PJ top on because that's how his Daddy sleeps and he wants to be like him. Whenever he asks me when Jim's not home I say no because every time he doesn't wear a top he gets cold and invariably ends up in my bed... but of course his Daddy's heart melted and he said yes. you think his wanting snuggles was because he was cold? I sure do!! :)

I love this photo so much, I just wish I'd taken it on my camera instead of my iPhone. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Double J Photos – Week 11 – Mar 16 - 22

While looking through my photos of this week I realized that I didn't take any photos of the boys together at all...but I did take a short and cute video of them on the trampoline.

Next up are Jordan's photos of the week! Sorry if most of them are fuzzy, most were taken on my iPhone rather than my camera.

Enjoying his bottle on the ferry ride home from Comox

Grocery shopping with Mommy

This kid wakes up if the phone rings, the dog barks, someone talks outside his room, but this day, he slept at the bowling alley while Jim and James bowled a game after the boys eye appointments.

Jimmy and his little mini-me

Now it's James's turn!

Getting ready to go in to his appointment at the eye doctors

Looking all grown up while waiting for the doctor

Had to wear sunglasses for the rest of the day because his eyes were dilated and very sensitive to the light

In the fire truck during the firehall tour with his Daddy

Handsome big guy photos that were in the blog post the other day but really wanted them in the weekly post as well

And lastly a cute photo of me and my handsome man

2014 Double J Photo Project
"Watching my boys grow up right in front of my eyes"

Saturday, March 22, 2014

James conquered two fears in just one week

As anyone who knows us well will remember, James had an awesome head of hair when he was born and all the way through his first year until his birthday party when we finally cut it! He got through one more okay haircut at the salon and then the 3rd one he fidgeted through and clearly wasn't happy, but by the 4th one he went completely apeshit and we knew it just wasn't going to happen willingly again for awhile. That started the 2 full years where hair cuts were a no go in James's world if he could absolutely avoid them. We tried bribing him and that didn't work. Jim was able to shave his head one night when he was about 20 months old while in his high chair and distracted. Ang was once able to cut it while he was on the floor watching TV at her house. Jim and I even held him down and shaved it once because it was so long and getting into his eyes. He screamed and cried and then when all was done he was totally fine. I have no idea what the heck he was so afraid of. We did what we could so he didn't look like a permanent shaggy head kid!

Finally before he started school in September we told him that he had to have it done before he could go to school so he went and yes some tears were shed but thankfully my sister is a frigging pro and got through it so quickly that he was okay. A few more since that he has been okay about, with the iPad as a distraction of course! 

Fast forward to last week and I told him he had to get a hair cut before his birthday and I'd made him an appointment. I provided the required and promised Timbits and off we went, no distraction and just a promise to sit nicely for Auntie Ra...and sit nicely he did! He also happened to charm every single one of the ladies in the shop too, with his witty little sense of humour.

We walked out of there with his Timbits and the words I've been hoping/waiting to hear "Mom, that haircut didn't hurt at all!

The next fear conquered was the DENTIST! We tried taking him when he was 2 and he mostly let the dentist look in but cried and got upset within a minute so not much else was done other than that. We went at age 3 and a complete meltdown ensued where we had to hold him down while the dentist took a really quick look. Thankfully we take tooth brushing very seriously in our home so we were sure there were no cavities and issues we were concerned about.

So last week I tackled the hair cut so I made his appointment for when his Daddy was home and could take him :o)  For 2 weeks before I told him that he would be going to the dentist with Daddy and we read the two books we have on the subject, both the little Critter series and the Bearenstain Bears. It's wonderful how now that he's older he can actually relate to things we read about in books and it really does help him understand different topics.

Jim said they walked into the appointment and while James sat and watched Jim get his teeth cleaned he happily chatted with the hygienist until the other lady came to get him for his turn. He so politely when asked if he was ready to go with her said " thank you." Jim told him it was okay to go with her and that to just remember the Bearenstain Bears and how they said it didn't hurt and that the dentist would check his teeth with the little mirror on a stick so off he went with her, and Jim didn't see him again until after his appointment was over. He did the cleaning and the dentist check all by himself! He is getting just so big these days!

No photos were taken because of course I wasn't there and as mentioned he went in all by himself. BUT...he did bring his Mommy a present when he came back. Below is the beautiful plastic ring that he picked out for me. I of course put it right on and you are probably wondering how the hell that thing actually fit on my full grown adult fingers, but not only did it fit, it was actually a little bit big!