Monday, March 28, 2016

February 2016 Monthly Memories

February was full of sickness for the Barrows family so not nearly as many good photos or fun stuff was done but lots of iPhone photos were still taken :)

Of course the highlight of the month was Jim and I's trip to Whistler with our friends. Click here to see all the photos and videos of that trip!

On the day we were leaving for Whistler Jordie and I went swimming with our friends Blake and Kelly and had a ton of fun. Definitely looking forward to going again with them soon! Here are my favorites from that day and here's the blog post with all the pictures and the video. 

A few more fun things we did include skating with Linden and Dane, Lego building and James's Chinese Lunar New Year Lunch. Here's the blog post with all the pictures.

And here's my favorites of those 3 days

On the Friday after I had been sick for 2 full weeks I was feeling a little bit better so headed to James's school for a wellness day called Jinga Kids. That night we also went back to the school and I helped out and Jim and the boys watched the movie at the PAC Movie Night fundraiser. The full blog post about this day is here. My favorite pictures from the day are below.

And here is just a bunch of random awesome iPhone photos I took (because let's be honest...for most of the month I was way too sick and miserable to drag my big camera out anywhere!)

"Helping" Daddy build their new dresser

Monkey boy

Afternoon snack of leftover waffles

Adorable bed time boys

New room is all done!

Mommy's yummy lunch

James and Quynn

James during his student led parent teacher conference

Random photos after supper

This is his favorite thing to have people do


And hugs

James and Quynn's Pro-D day playdate

Blake and Kelly came for tea that day too

The boys room set up while we house sat at N&P's house

Superbowl Sunday and Jordie watched a movie in Papa's den

I made dinner so we did it buffet style with everything still in the pots/bowls they were cooked in!

Table kind of set...and then they all decided to eat in the living room instead

Except for me and Jordie boy 

More hanging out in the den for me and this little guy

After the Superbowl we finished watching Frozen

More tummy tickles

Building blocks with Auntie Sheri while she watched him for us one afternoon

Man we miss this lady!

More snuggles for James and Daddy

And Jordie and Mommy too

Waving goodbye to me from the window at the daycare

Helping Daddy make the rice krispie treats for the kindies (which we never ended up sending)

How is that even comfortable?

Warming up his feet by the fire

James's monkey picture

Writing his name on his Smartie Valentine's

The cute Valentine's from the daycare 

Adorable bathing Jordie

Sharing his Timbits with Nana & Papa

An after school hockey break with Daddy

Giving Mommy her Valentine's card before her trip to Whistler 

No more highchair at home or at Nana & Papa's...he's moved up to booster chair!

Snuggles with Papa

James's school Valentine's

James showing them off. Nana sent me this picture while I was in Whistler!

James and Auntie Ra on their way to see the Wizard of Oz

And Sunday afternoon snuggles for Annie Ya and Jordie

The next day...after a high fever seizure had this little guy in the ER with a very scared Nana & Papa. I did a blog post about this scary event.

I'm home from Whistler trip and not letting this little guy out of my sight, especially because he's still sick and running a fever. 

The next few days we were home sick together and yes I let him watch a lot of Paw Patrol on the iPad because I was sick too and just wanted to do nothing..and watch my own TV shows! 

Naptime with Mommy

Morning Dr appt

And X-Rays at the hospital

After a traumatic blood draw he was still a very happy little guy!


James making his 100 days vest

He was so proud of it...but sadly he woke up really sick the next day and wasn't able to go to school to enjoy the 100 days celebration with his bummer for him and mommy!

Sick day snuggles on the couch

Another trip to the Dr.

Dressing up in Daddy's hi-vis vest and hat

hahahahaha...his face here is hilarious! This one is for his wedding slideshow for sure!

Are you comfy there Jordie boy?!

Random hugs and snuggles caught on camera

I love this kid so much

Watching morning cartoons in Mommy's chair

James wearing his new anti-bullying shirt that he won that day...holding the Get Well picture that he made for sweet!

James and Katelyn after school play date at Hernando Park

This is how he loves to lay on people if he's up by himself in the morning with one of us

And then of course more snuggles and back tickles

This was the day I fed him Kraft Dinner for lunch and he actually said to me "where the wienies at Mommy?" I said that we didn't have any so he had to eat it like that and he said "well at Nana's she have wienies!" Next are the faces he made over the span of about a minute!

An amazing steak dinner that Jimmy made a few weeks ago.

The tap in his bathroom literally exploded and he called me upstairs and I of course had to take a picture of the aftermath

Hhhhmmm....this could be why I haven't been losing weight lately!! So bad, but so yummy!

More Mommy/Son snuggles

Rice krispie treat dessert at the Garrett's house

This was a no nap Sunday for Jordie and he was sound asleep at 6:30 on the way home from Auntie Ra's house

Super sick Monday for Mommy with a 103 fever and the worst headache

But some wonderful bedtime cuddles made me feel a little bit better

Another month of memories captured and actually put on here. Now let's see how quickly I can get the March posts done (definitely won't be by the end of March but definitely will be before the end of April!)