Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Family photos

We had our family photos taken this year by a new photographer that I've seen on Facebook. He is a guy that grew up here in PR but now lives in the city. I loved some photos of his that I saw on his group's FB page and wondered whether he would be coming to town in the fall for a family session. Two emails later we had a confirmed date for just over a week later and I was so excited. Then we were hit with horrible colds and I wondered if the shoot would happen, but luckily by the time 5 pm on Saturday rolled around we were all almost healthy and certainly ready for our time to shine. James was sufficiently bribed with many many Timbits if he smiled big for Richard and we were off for a fun and not super posed photo shoot. James was an absolute trooper and did so well. It could be because I've been pushing the camera in his face since he was just hours old! :o)

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot! I will post the whole album, with comments, on my FB page.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

And now it is actually really FINISHED!

And I'm talking about James's Big Boy Room! We had a weekend a few weeks back where Nana and Papa kept James for the weekend and instead of doing nothing as we expected to we ended up spending most of the day working on getting his room finished. I couldn't wait for him to see it and the look on his face was worth every minute we spent doing it.

For a link to the previous post with the original photos, click here Big Boy Room Photos.

Now here's the last of the photos, with the new white bookshelf and the awesome space themed wall decals. I am so happy with how the room came out and I think it's a theme that he can keep for a long time, until he's old enough to tell us he wants something different!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Trip down memory lane...

When I took a recent picture of Jim and James together I realized I had almost the same photo taken just under two years ago, so today the search was on to find it among the THOUSANDS of images I've taken since James was born...and luckily I did find it. 

Jim couldn't wait when James was a baby to start showering with him and I'm thankful he pushed me to be good with it because nowadays James will usually prefer to shower rather than bath and has never had a fear of the water on his face or anything like that.

Here are my two cuties loving their special shower time together. This picture really shows how much he's changed and how much our once little baby has definitely turned into a big boy now! :o)

August 2010

May 2012

Like Father, like Son!

Everyone who knows my hubby knows how much he loves his burgers. Homemade especially but Burger King Whoppers are a pretty close second. He will eat McDonalds and A&W when necessary but prefers not to. Well, having a child who turns up his nose at meat had me wondering whether James would indeed fall in love with burgers like his Daddy did.

Well this picture is proof that yes he did! 

James and I traveled to the island last week and got Jim six Whoppers from Burger King. He ate them in his lunch on Wed & Thurs and then the below photo was taken after supper on Thursday when Jim decided to eat one, and James decided he wanted to share with Daddy! He had one more burger left and I told James that night that Daddy would share the last burger with him on Friday morning, so what did James tell Jim at 6:30am the next morning, "Daddy, Whopper morning". And yes he absolutely helped his Daddy polish off the last Whopper, cold, straight from the fridge! YUCK, YUCK, YUCK! Apparently my kid is going to have garbage guts like his Daddy after all!

And here's a picture from 7 years ago of Jim enjoying a burger at one of our family BBQ's in Nanaimo. I definitely see the resemblance, do you?! :o)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wow, two whole months have passed since I posted....

Surprise surprise, life happened again and I have again neglected the blog! I am hoping over the fall and winter it will become more of a habit for me and then by the time next summer comes around I'll be a pro and will just be in the groove of posting regularly!

So much fun stuff happened this summer that I will fill you all in over a series of posts over the next few weeks.

Today I leave you with a 2 new pictures, one of Jim and me and one of us with our friends the Slacks and Tassells. These were taken last weekend when my parents took James for 2 WHOLE NIGHTS and DAYS so we could just spend some fun couple time together. We went for dinner with our friends and then played games, stayed up late, slept in late and then spent all day finishing up his big boy room after months of procrastination!

Will be back over the weekend with some more new posts!